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FAQ's on Horoscope Matching

  • What do you need to create a marriage matching report?

    A marriage matching report is generated in exactly the same way as a normal individual birth chart except that here we generate horoscopes for two persons and compare them for marriage compatibility. This is what you need to know and have, in order to get your birth chart from horomatching.com :

    1. Your birth date.
    2. The time of your birth.
    3. The place of your birth.

    Your birth date can be no problem. Day, month and year. The time of your birth should be as exact as possible - to the minute. That can be tricky. Some hospitals record the birth time as a routine, others not. Mothers should not be trusted to remember with any accuracy - they were quite preoccupied at the time. Remember, an accurate birth time makes for an accurate report.

    The place of your birth is probably as well known to you as the date is. You don't need to be more precise than the city - or the nearest town, if you were born in the countryside. Don't go calculate the exact position of the hospital where you were delivered. Ten kilometers make almost no difference in the chart, nor do 20 or 30. Observe that longitude (east-west disĀ­tance measured from Greenwich in England) makes slightly more difference than latitude (north-south of the Equator). Still, don't worry about anything less than 30 kilometers.

  • What if I don't know my birth details and knows only my or my partner's nakshatra or birth star, can i still do my compatibility?

    As mentioned before, if you don't know your birth details such as your birth date, time of birth and place of birth you can't cast your matching reports.

  • Is it sufficient to look at star matching (nakshatra porutham) alone for the purpose of matching horoscopes?

    It is a misconception among the people - even among astrologers - that it would be enough to match only by nakshatra's or birth stars. Though 10 different star matches are defined by the sages, they are just guiding principles and need not mean 100% match even if 10/10 points are available for the star match. Thus a passing marks of 5/10 points is held to be minimum compatible strategy but it never assures good match! Even in case of 5 points or more, some star matches are forbidden! This fact should have been an eye opener for blind followers, but due to lack of learned teachers and scholars, they seem to think that just 5 POINTS = GOOD MATCH!

    In an ideal matching process, all factors such as Grahadosha Samya (Papasamya), Chova dosha (Kuja dosha) and Dasha Sandhi should be analyzed in detail along with 10 star matchings (nakshatra porutham) and then a proper judgement arrived at based on the favourability and unfavourability of all these factors. You may be astonished to know that even the Muhurtha elected for marriage has a say in marriage life !

  • What are the different systems of matching horoscopes for marriage?

    Although there are different systems (or traditions) of match making in india like north indian (guna milan), south indian (kerala and tamil nadu systems), K.P system etc in indian astrology, the most predominent forms of matching are north indian and south indian system which is followed commonly across all of india. North indian system uses Ashtakoota method of matching with a total of 36 points and also gives importance to nadi nosha and kuja dosha for judging compatibility. In south indian system of jathaka porutham importance is given to 10 poruthams and much importance is given to nakshatra porutham(with more emphasis on rashi poruttam stree deerkham and madhyama rajju), dosha saamyam and dasha sandhi. In tamil nadu system not much importance is given to dasha sandhi as it is given in kerala.

  • Is your report accurate and is it the same as what astrologers tell?

    Our matching report uses the kerala system of matching widely followed in kerala and most of south india (with slight variations) and uses the same parameters and yardsticks such as nakshatra matching(star matching), papa saamyam, kuja dosha, dasha sandhi etc used to judge horoscope compatibility that a normal astrologer would do. We use a scientific model of compatibility using the best available technology combined with modern matching techniques drawn from various ancient astrology classics such as jatakadesham, prasna marga, kaladeepakam, madhaveeyam etc which makes our report the most comprehensive online horoscope matching service. Our astrology computations are scientific and accurate and uses state of the art NASA's JPL high precision planetary algorithms to compute the birth horoscopes.

  • Can i do pariharams(remedial measures) for certain doshas?

    Not all doshas can be remedied by pariharas and it depends on the nature of the dosha and this can be confirmed only by an individual assessment of the birth charts by an astrologer.

  • In this fast age of love marriages and "live in systems", does marriage matching has any relevance ?

    Definitely. Marriage Matching has it's own significance on the married life of individuals. Male and female are but two aspects or two sides of nature. Hence it is natural for them to be united; otherwise there would be imcompleteness or it would be "paradise lost". In india, marriage has been considered as a relationship, which should last till eternity, for which astrological compatibility is a guiding factor of great importance. In sudden marriages, the partners marry without knowing the other partner sufficiently, thereby leading to misunderstandings, seperation and divorce. The Live in system or a trial system before marriage, is well suited to the western culture. In a country like india whose culture, civilization and social laws are peculiar to it's geographical and historical postions, the above such socialistic theories advocating companionate marriages and unbridled license in love affairs cannot hold water. This is the reason that the ancient rishis with their foresight had devised an astrological means for judging marriage compatibility, whereby the relations between the couple may stand the strain of all mal-adjustments. Thus the astrological compatibility factors have much significance to help the people to understand beforehand the nature of the relationship, behaviour patterns, mutual attraction and the compromises expected, to make the marital life successful.

  • I am having my second marriage? Do i still need to do horoscope matching?

    Marriage matching of horoscope is not decided based on whether the marriage is first or second. Horoscope compatibility is essential for every marriage to ensure a happy, successful and long lasting married life.

  • Is your service available only in India?

    Our horoscope matching online service is not only from india, but available worldwide and can be accessed from anywhere if you have an internet connection. There is no software installation or downloading that you have to do since our service is completly online.

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