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Remedial Measures (Pariharas) for Jathaka Doshas

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[The position of planets in the birth chart indicates the good and bad deeds done by a person in his previous birth which will be experienced by him in his current birth]

Astrology merely indicates the results of past Karma. Planets are only an index of things to happen and they do not cause the events. The balance of good or bad Karma brought forward from the previous birth is prarabdha, and it is the reading of this that goes under the name of Jathaka or Astrology.

There are various doshas and malefic planetary combinations that occurs in a horoscope for which if proper remedial measures are not performed might hamper the prospects of the native. A few of the most important doshas are listed below with remedial measures to be performed for each of these. As these remedial measures are general in nature, it is advisable to consult a learned astrologer before performing these as he would be able to correctly identify which among the many remedial measures are most suited based on your individual horoscope.

Kalasarpa Yoga

Kalasarpa Yoga is one of the most dreaded of all Yogas in a birth replica watches It has been mentioned that all beneficial roles of a planets are destroyed if this yoga is present in a birth chart. Natives with this yoga present in the birth chart faces much hardships in his life, while his hardships doesn't yield any good result for him. Without going into the technical nuances of this combination, some of the results ascribed to this Yoga are financial difficulties in life, ups/downs in career/jobs, cannot earn name and fame in his life, problem in job with superiors/colleagues, problems in having children etc.

Remedial measure suggested as parihara includes visiting Kalahasthi temple situated in Chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Vayu is incarnated as Lord Shiva and worshipped as Kalahasteeswara. Goddess Parvathi devi is worshipped here as Gnanaprasunambika. Kala Sarpa Dosha pooja is performed in this temple with great devotion and is said to bring in great relief to the native. Other commonly performed pariharas include :-

1. Chanting of "Om Rahave Namaha" and "Om Ketave Namaha" 108 times every day at sunrise
2. Poojas to Nagas (Sarpa) on nagapanchami days.
3. Days in which thiruvathirai, chothi and chatayam coincide with amavasya tithi, the native should perform rudrabhisheka in a shiva temple. Rudrashtakam should be chanted and archana should performed to lord shiva.
4. If solar eclipse or lunar eclipse happens, should perform remedial measures for kala sarpa yoga.
5. On the day prior to shiva ratri every year poojas should be performed to lord shiva for appeasement.
6. Keep fast for 16 mondays continuously and perform jaladhara to shiva.
7. Visit thirunageshwaram temple in Kumbhakonam in Tamil Nadu district and perform dosha pariharam.
8. Visit kuke subramaniya temple in karnataka and perform dosha pariharam.
9. Recital of mahamrityunjaya mantra 108 times daily.

Obstacles and delays in getting Married

Various planetary combinations results in facing obstacles in marriage or delay getting married. If the 7th house in a birth chart is afflicted by malefics, a malefic planet occupies the 7th chart, 7th lord placed in dusthanas (6,8 or 12th), 7th lord in combustion, mars in 7th or 8th house etc then chances of delays in marriage and obstacles to getting married are more. To reduce or remove (if possible) the afflictions various remedial measures suggested are performing swayamvara pushpanjali, wearing of swayamvara yantras(talisman), umamaheshwara poojas, baneshwari pooja, offering of pattu and thali to durga devi, lashminarayana pooja, offering bhajanam in guruvayoor temple, sukra shanthi pooja, kuja shanthi pooja, indrani pooja, swayamvara parvathi mangalya sooktha pushpanjali, Guruthi Pushpanjali in chottanikkara temple, perform gouri puja and repeat the stotram as many times as possible before the photo of goddess durga devi. If planet Venus is afflicted in the birth chart then appeasement of planet Venus should be done by observing fast on fridays. Also boys whose venus are afflicted should propitiate goddess lakshmi. sections in balkand of ramacharit manas relating to the marriage of lord shiva and goddess parvathi should be read every day as a remedy for an early marriage. For early marriage, the girl/boy should keep fast for 16 consecutive mondays and offer sacred water in a shiva temple.

To get a suitable bride or groom

Poojas to be performed for getting a suitable bride or groom include recital of rukmini swayamvaram and performance of krishnanattam in guruvayoor temple in kerala. Also satyanarayana pooja in hanuman temple, archana and beatel leaves mala with name and nakshatra of both the persons is found to be beneficial.

For begetting progeny

For people having trouble in begetting children the following remedial measures will be helpful:

Taking sukumara ghritham after chanting santhanagopala mantra for 41 days continuously. Performing sarpa bali, offering of noorum palum as nivedya in a prominent naga deva temple for 27 days.

For getting good education and improving intelligence

If in a horoscope mercury is weak, papa grahas are situated in 2,4, 5 bhavas, bhava lords of these houses are in dusthanas, weak planets running during educative periods in life etc all these causes obstacles and problems in educations. There might be break in education or failures in education, laziness/dullness for students which can happen. As remedial measures, appeasement of devatas, saraswathi pooja, darshan of devi mookambikai, taking saraswatharishta, saraswatha ghee to be taken after performing saraswatharchana, wearing of vidyarajagopala yantra (talisman), chanting of budha stotras, visiting of sri krishna temple on Wednesdays, chanting of dakshinamoorthi stotras etc will tremendously benefit even less intelligent children.

Obstacles in construction of a house

If obstacles in construction of house takes place, then along with vasthu analysis of the plot, ganapathi homam should be performed. Also deepam lighting in kudumpa kshetra and offering of nivedyas are essential.

Dullness in business

If your business comes down, have obstacles in business, enemies causing troubles to your business etc, then you can perform lakshmi kubera pooja, wear lakshmi kubera yantra or keep lakshmi yatra in your shop. Anna danam on saturdays to the poor and needy is another remedial measure.

Removing Obstacles

For some people it so happens that for each and every thing that they undertake there comes some obstacles and hindrances in the successful completion of the task, for such people it is advisable to perform ganapathy homa on chaturthi day and first friday of the malayalam month. Also on thursdays perform parthasarathy mantra pushpanjali in vishnu temple.

Removing Graha Doshas

If certain planets are badly placed in a horoscope like being associated with malefics, devoid of power, hemmed between malefics, having kedradipadhya dosha etc,then those planets should be propitiated. graha dosha pooja should be performed for these planets. stotras should be chanted too. It's highly advisable to propitiate the moon star lord or langa lord planet for good luck and prosperity. In temples where navagraha idols are placed, they should be worshipped by chanting stotras and doing 9 pradakshinas 1 for each planet. Pushpanjali should also be performed on specific weekday ruled by the planet.