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"Phalani graha chaarena sucha yanti manishina
ko vakta taara tamyasya tamekam vedhasam vina"

[Those who know astrology can only indicate in a way what will take place in future. Who else, except the creator Brahma, can say with certainty what will definitely happen ?]

If while walking on a road you are unaware that there is a pit on the road what do you think would happen?..Of Course you will fall right in...However if you are aware that there is a pit there, you will create an alternate route to your destination and will save yourself from danger. The question is what saved you from the pit ? Wasn't it your knowledge of the pit in the road or was it coincidence?

Armed with the knowledge of the pit, you were able to create an alternate route and thus save yourself from this danger.

If you are travelling on a road with no signs for directions, then you will go directionless and won't know where you have to turn or not to turn, then you will either get lost or you will never find your direction. It is safe then to conclude that the signs enlightened your way and guided you so that you can find your direction..

The road here reflects your life from BIRTH to DEATH, the signs represent the horoscope chart given to you by the astrologer and the direction you are pointing finally is the fulfillment of your Karma. Jyotish is called the "Lord of Light" in Sanskrit. It is the light of knowledge as shown by guru or teacher the Enlightener who provide you with Knowledge of your path.

Astrology or Jyotish is a science of Time, Space and Causality. Everything occurs in time and space due to some reason. A child is born at a particular place at a particular time due to some reason. The "experience" is in life. The life span is called longevity. Experience whether good or bad is between two points of time ie. birth and death. Time and Space is also beyond the capacity of imagination of the mind. This is called "Anantham" (Infinity) i.e. without beginning or end. Space is also similarly beyond the conceptual range of mind. Time and space are interconnected There is no Time without Space and no Space without Time. The first breath is the beginning of the life span. The interval between these two points of time is called Life. Experience is Life. Experience can be in gross or subtle sphere. Life is a continuity of experiences recorded in the life span. Astrology is that science which throws light on these experiences within and without of a time being in time and space.

Astrology works to identify behavior, forecast outcomes, and suggest preventive measures via systematic process. It bases its high rate of predictability on a specific set of measurements derived from the celestial mechanics of astronomy. Astrologers endeavor to uncover the correct times to undertake events for maximum effect, or to identify those periods in which it might be better to avoid action in order ro avert a negative outcome. Astrology draws on the mathematics and observations of astronomy, and it uses these scientific tools as a means of analyzing and measuring behavioral patterns over time, as well as forecasting trends.

It is a science propounded by ancient sages with its foundation on karma and rebirth theory. It is the study of karma, which is action and reaction, in terms of the past, present and future. Astrology or Hora Shastra reveals the result of our past karma, expressed probably in terms of what we crudely call planetary influences. Astrology and Karma are therefore interrelated. Astrology reveals the consequence of our actions which we do not remember in this life and are untraceable in this birth. Any mental, verbal or physical action is known as karma. Every action or karma produces its reaction. This is same as Newton’s 3rd law of motion in physical science that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It proves that no action will be waste and nothing can happen without a cause. God is neither partial nor unjust, and everything happens according to one’s actions in the previous birth. The doctrines of karma alone explain and reconcile man to the terrible and apparent injustice in life. The law of Karma suggests, that our actions — physical as well as psychical — are performed according to certain regular laws with a definite end in view. Actions performed may fructify in a minute, or in a day, or in a year, or in one life, or in several lives. Actions, when performed, remain in the form of something unseen till the time of their fructification and during this period this something is known as 'adrishta' (the so-called luck or fortune). There is no escape without the experience of the fruits of these actions — (desires and thoughts) — until the whole adrishta is exhausted.

Karma can be classified into three types based on intensity :-

1. DRIDHA (Fixed) KARMA : Inexcusable mistake Or crime of severe nature deliberately done come under this category. Murder, raping, denying food and shelter to the invalid parents, cheating minor brothers during partition, cruelty towards the poor class and helpless servants and denying their wages, cheating etc. are examples of this type of karma. These type of karma cannot be altered by any means and should be exhausted by experiencing the same.

2. DRUDHA ADRIDHA (Mixed or Medium Strong) KARMA : This is an excusable mistake not done deliberately. It is just like an ignorant person having purchased a ticket to Delhi getting into a train to Bombay by mistake, and finding guilty by the Ticket Examiner, or a vehicle driver without his mistake, getting involved in an accident death of a pedestrian while the latter was carelessly and suddenly crossing the road. Here the crime committed is so simple that the person can be excused on his humble petition.

3. ADRIDHA (Non Strong/Non Fixed) KARMA : This is a crime of negligible and insignificant nature. A young boy tries to pluck some fruits from a tree overhanging to the road. When the owner notes the boy and whistles, the boy retreats from his attempt. This is similar to the karmas coming under this group. Here the boy had an evil thought but did not commit theft.

Generally spiritual remedies such as parihaaras, charities, Vedic mantras etc are effective in reducing or removing the 2nd and 3rd types of karmas. But Dridha Karmas are very strong and is very difficult and almost impossible to change.

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