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Mundane Astrology and Planetary Transits

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There exists definitely an association of planetary transits with the kind of mundane event o disaster that follows. The astrological signs, the rising drekkana, the time of ingress of certian planets to specific zodiac signs and mainly the association and aspect of malefic planet certainly have impact on the incidents that occur. Conjunction of Saturn and Rahu, influence of Mars and planets in Airy or Fiery sign play significant roles in mundane events, along with the impact of Full Moon and Eclipses.

Mundane Astrology is a art of predictive astrology that deals with the horoscope of nations and its leaders. Mundane astrology has been employed by astrologer in predicting the outcome of wars and also the preparation for wars. Many ancient kingdoms had astrologer in their court, to decide the country's future. The Chinese has the experts in 1 Ching, which can explore the outcome of certain events, pertaining to the running of the government and their policies. In India also, astrologers were important components in kings' 'Durbar'

'Brihat Samhita' is widely used, to study the world events, especially natural catastrophes such as earthquake, typhoons and outcome to the rulers of the countries and particular classes of people like the peasants, merchants and others

Mundane astrology is quite similar to the natal horoscopy. lt varies on the significations planets and houses. We also analyze the angulations of planets, using Tajaka System. Planetary opposition, trine, squaring and sextile positions have their own implications.

Major planetary transits are used as a rule to predict specific mundane events. They are listed below:-

  • Solar ingress into Cardinal signs such as Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn
  • Planetary conjunctions such Saturn and Mars, Mars and Ketu
  • Retrogression of planets like Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter
  • Lunar and Solar eclipses.
  • Hallows around the Moon
  • Sightings of comets and shooting stars
  • New and Full Moon
  • Planets' ingress into next Rasis
  • Casting of horoscope for mundane prediction is based mainly on the following:

  • The time of Independence of the nations
  • New Moon chart of the Nation for every Lunar Month based on the Longitude and Latitude of the capital city
  • The Horoscope of the ruling president or king
  • Swearing in ceremony of a particular leader
  • Sighting of the eclipse at the particular nations
  • Chart cast at the time of Solar Ingress into all rasis, but mainly the four Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).
  • Major transit of superior planet over the vital planets in the national ruling Chart, especially the transit of Mars, Saturn ‚Jupiter,replica watches Rahu and Ketu over the Moon sign or the Sun sign
  • Progressed or Varshapala for the Nation may be helpful in the prediction of the National events
  • Application of dasa /bukthi of the ruling period can give clues to certain incidents.
  • Major world events such as natural catastrophes, collapse of regimes and dangers to the ruling leaders, assassinations, violent demonstrations, terrorist attacks etc. occur, when unique planetary conjunction 1 aspect occurs. Brihat Samhita gives some clue to this kind of incidents, such as the rising of Jupiter after the conjunction with Sun. There is another phenomenon known as 'Rohini Sakata Beta', when Saturn or Mars forms unique disposition with Rohini, constellation. The Tamil siddhas have given names to 60 years calendar, based on the Jupiter's cycle, staring from Prabava to Akshaya. Saint Idaikadar has written hymns on each year and its general implications globally