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Auspicious Muhurthas for Marriage

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One of the most important events in a person's life is MARRIAGE. It is a coming together of two souls and two bodies that will create new paths in universe through the birth of children, intermingling of families, cultures and customs etc. History will be changed as a result of this event, so the proper timing of this event is important to the universal forces.

Marriage is a very sacred custom by hindus, and taken much more seriously in India than in the western societies. The "SAGES" of Hindu Spiritual Philosophy propounded the practice of "horoscope matching" and matching of marriages which are spiritually compatible, so as to promote the progress of mankind's happiness and the assurance of "good karmas" by pro-creation. Compatible marriages are the basis of all family values, which have been totally distorted by the materially hungry western society. Usually a lot of problems in marriage can be eliminated if the couple is given the blessings of the universal forces. This can be done by making sure that the marriage takes place at an auspicious muhurta. The following rules should be followed to fix an auspicious muhurtha for marriage.

For fixing marriage, ashtami tithi on the dark fortnight is good.

Auspicious nakshatras include rohini, mrigashirsha (makairam), makam, uthiram, hastha (atham), swati (chothi), Anizham, Moolam, Uthraadam,omega seamaster 300m replica Uthrattathi and Revathi. Marriage can be conducted in these nakshatras.

The following should be avoided while fixing marriage muhurtas :-

1. Medam rashi should be avoided.

2. Chandra (Moon) should not be in muhurtha rashi (lagna).

3. The month of dhanu should be avoided.

4. Mars and Rahu should not be positioned in the 8th from muhurtha lagna.

5. Months of Karkitaka, Kumbha and Kanni should be avoided.

6. Marriage in midnight should be avoided.

7. Marriage should not be fixed on the nakshatra of the groom (can be done in bride's nakshatra).

8. Jupiter and Venus should not be in Balavastha or Vridhavastha.

9. Dates after 16th of Meena month should be avoided.

The Uttarayana period from makara till mithuna is considered very auspicious for marriage by astrology scholars.