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Kuja Dosha Affliction & Remedies

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All over India people pay special attention on position of Mars in the Horoscope. Whenever they desire to marry their son or daughter, their first consideration is Mars Dosha in respective horoscope.

One may ask why is so much attention given to Mars. Answer lies in Mars's seperative Power. Mars in, 1, 2, 4,1 7, 8 and 12 houses in Janma Kundali (Birth chart), Chandra Kundali (Moon chart) and from Venus causes Mangala affliction (Kuja Dosha).

Now we consider the result of Mars position in above mentioned houses.

(1) First house denotes self, health and longevity. Mars in Lagna aspects the 4th(profession of partner), 7th(life of partner) and 8th(money and family of Partner), Mars's aspect on these houses can harm above mentioned houses.

(2) Second house denotes the family happiness or domestic life, Mars occupying 2nd house, aspects 5th( progeny and income of the partner), 8th( family and money of partner ), 9th( younger brother or sister and communication skill of partner). Hence Mars can harm these houses.

(3) Mars in 4th, this house is considered for domestic environment. Mars in 4th aspects 7th(already discussed), 10th ( happiness and mother of partner) and 11th (progeny). Naturally one doesn't want to endanger these houses.

(4) Mars in 7th (legal ties and life partner) aspects 10th(above discussed), 1st (life or nature of partner) and 2nd( longevity of partner), aspect of Mars on these important houses causes worry.

(5) Mars in 8th house( finance of partner), aspects 11th(discussed earlier), 2nd( discussed earlier) and 3rd (father and fortune of partner). Nobody wants to endanger these houses just due to his or her life partner.

(6) Mars in 12th (house of real pleasure which the partners derives). Mars in 12th aspects 3rd (already discussed ), 6th( is a 12th to 7th hence house of real pleasure which the partner derive) and 7th(already discussed).

Mitigation of Kuja Dosha

(1) If Mars occupies Aries(Mesha), Scorpio(Vruschika), Capricorn(Makara), Cancer(Karka) and these signs happen to be either the 4th or the 7th houses in birth chart or Moon chart, the evil results of Mars will be warded off.

(2) People born in Leo(Simha) or Taurus(Vrushaba), Mars in Scorpio (Vruschika) will not do harm.

(3) Aries, Cancer, Libra(Tula) and Capricorn are termed as movable signs. If Mars were to occupy either of these signs and if, that sign happens to be 1st or 2nd, 4th or 8th or 12th in birth chart or In Moon chart Mars will not Harm.

(4) Mars in lst, 2nd, 4th, 8th or 12th houses, if conjoined with, or aspected by Mercury(Budha) or Jupiter(Guru), it is not harmful.

(5) If Mars occupies Mesha, Vrushchika, Mithuna (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo) and it happens to be the second house in moon and birth chart, there is no evil effect.

(6) If Mars occupies Libra(Tula), Taurus (Vrushabha), Mesha and Vrushchika and it happens to be the fourth house, there can be no Mars Dosha.

(7) Mars in 7th house is harmful but its position in Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn removes its evil effect.

(8) If Mars is in 8th house but its sign is Sagittarius (Dhanu), Pisces (Meena), Cancer or Capricorn in both type of chart, its effect is nullified.

(9) If Mars occupies the 12th house but sign of house is Mithuna, Virgo, Vrushabha or Tula, it loses its evil effects.

(10) If Saturn, Rahu and Ketu conjoining with Mars, or Saturn aspecting Mars, it wards of its evil.

To sum up,swiss replica watches there are three groups in case of Mars Dosha:

(1) There is Dosha without any mitigation.

(2) There is Dosha in the chart but other combination mitigates the Dosha.

(3) There is no Dosha at all, then it is necessary for the astrologer to consider all the points carefully and advise correctly.