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Horoscope Matching and the role of an Astrologer

horoscope matching

Before embarking on matching of horoscopes, the main task before an astrologer is to first satisfy himself that he has got correct astrological charts based on the correct date, time and place of birth that the client has provided. Once he has got these, he should ascertain weather the charts have been correctly cast with a standard ephemeris or panchanga or an accurate computer generated chart. Sometimes charts are manipulated by both parties to avoid possible afflictions.

It is also found that when the birth takes place after 12'o clock in the night, the date of birth is recorded as the next day following the British method. But in the Indian system the reckoning of day is from sunrise to sunrise. This creates lot of problems and the chart so framed could be wrong. So, it is better to ascertain the correctness of the horoscopes of the bride and the groom after getting the data verified with a standard ephemeris and then proceed. Sometimes, the nakshatras, are deliberately given wrong in order to avoid the dosham attached to it. Only after ascertaining the above, the astrologer should proceed to the horoscope matching

The most important points to be considered first are :

1. The suitability of the stars, i.e. constellations

2. The positions of Lagna and rashis in both

3. The longevity of the bride and bridegroom

4. The larger strength of the 7th and 8th houses

5. The strength of the putra bhava

But as per observation, it has been noticed that the strength of the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th and 12th houses is also to be seen as these too have a bearing on happy married life. 2nd house represent kutumba-sthana i.e. family and financial stability, 4th house represents general happiness and relation with in-laws, 6th rogasthana, i.e. health, 9th bhagyasthana and the 12th bed comforts.

It has been found from experience that there is difference in birth times for those born in maternity homes, government hospitals etc and this has to be carefully checked out as the Lagna and the 10th house do not match. In such cases, the astrologers should apply the birth time rectification appropriately in the charts so that the correctness of the moon and the lagna can be ascertained, or else there will be differences in the dasas and antardashas and also the strength of the Lagna. In Caesarean operation births also, one has to be quite sure about the timing. Nowadays the caesarean operations are becoming the order of the day. Some people resort to these births to have the birth of their progeny under an auspicious constellation. Thus the casting of the horoscope has to be done very carefully, and this can be done only by an experienced astrologer.

First, ascertain all this and get a correct chart. And, only after considering the respective strengths of the above houses, can one start the consideration of the 10 poruthams or kutas. Some astrologers just consider this and give their opinion. This is not a correct approach. Only after considering the above points should the jathaka porutham be taken up to get the overall picture. So it is advised that the parents consult an experienced astrologer and not any Tom, Dick and Harry who pose as astrologers as the marriages recommended by them may just not take off or end in failure.

"Horoscope matching" is not only a difficult task for an astrologer but also an important an onerous one. This is because parents of boys and girls entirely rely on the strength of the astrologers verdict and agree for alliance. As matrimonial alliances have life-long impact, great care and caution must be exercised by the astrologers in the examination of the horoscopes. If all safeguards and precautions laid down in the astrological science are taken care of, there is no chance of an error creeping into the judgment of favoring a match. In that case, there will be no matrimonial disharmony or discordance or marital failures.

Finally, here is a piece of advice for the parents of the boys and girls. It is their duty to consult only experienced and knowledgeable astrologers as otherwise the marriage of their wards may result in a fiasco. This has been observed in several cases where parents had given wrong information and the marriage failed, bringing doom to the boys and girls and also to the parents.

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